I love the Call With... feature in the Google Voice webapp and use it often. It allows you to initiate a call from your Google Voice number by first dialing one of your linked phones then patching you through to the number you want to dial:

Google Voice Webapp Call With...

This would be perfect for my Nexus 7 - I'm often at home on my couch next to my land line phone wanting to make a call. I don't want a VOIP solution for the tablet, I'd rather tell GV to call my land line and patch me through to the number I want to dial (the call quality is much better on the land line). I can't find this feature in the Google Voice Android app. I've used the webapp, via Chrome, on the N7 but that's kind of clunky. Does anyone know of more finger-friendly way to initiate a GV call like this from an Android device?

  • Having GV on your landline's speed dial seems like it would be easiest ... though I can see that making use of your device's contacts could simplify things too. Seems like you need a smartphone landline :P Commented Dec 12, 2012 at 20:58
  • You're using a tablet. Why not just use the regular web interface?
    – ale
    Commented Dec 13, 2012 at 1:27

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There's an app I used to use specifically for this. It's called Voice+. You dial a number, it asks you which of your google voice connected numbers to call.

However, this app catches the intent from when you dial a phone number. The Nexus 7 doesn't have the Phone app installed. You could try installing another dialer app like Go Contacts Ex and see if dialing a number from their interface brings up Voice+.


I thought the regular web interface was too heavy, so I created GoogleVoiceCallingPageLite (GVCPL): "A Lightweight HTML page for making and receiving Google Voice calls" . You can find it at https://sourceforge.net/projects/googlevoicecallingpagelite/. I created it to use on my computer, not a phone/tablet, but if you want you can use it on your phone/tablet too, just by going to http://www.elvey.com/GVCPL.html. It's the exact same code as on sourceforge, where you can see a screenshot too.

As noted there: To use: Log in, then open this page. It only works if you're already logged in, otherwise, it doesn't work - and doesn't (yet) give a useful error message.

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