I used to use - and loved - LBE Privacy Guard which allowed you to revoke specific permissions from specific apps.

Ever since AT&T finally pushed out Jelly Bean for the S3 though, it no longer works, and puts my phone into a endless reboot loop.

Searching in the market, I couldn't find any other app that does this (though the are plenty that just let you SEE the permissions of all your apps).

Anyone know of another app that does the same thing as LBE?

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    Do you still have root? I would imagine that if your phone accepted an OTA update from AT&T, you no longer have root. In which case, you'll need to re-root your phone. Dec 15 '12 at 16:38
  • Yes. You're correct, I did wind up losing root, but I have rerooted. Superuser, ROM Manager, ROM Toolbox, SQLLite Editor all work fine.
    – eidylon
    Dec 15 '12 at 16:53

LBE works on JellyBean -- just not the version you install from the Playstore. The boot-loop problem is a known issue (so nobody can understand why the developer did not even place a note on the app's playstore page).

On XDA you can find multiple threads discussing this issue, and at least one of them also holds modified versions of LBE to download. Take e.g. a look at:

Alternatives to LBE would include:

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