I have a Celkon A95 (It’s a lesser known Indian company; specs : http://www.gsmarena.com/celkon_a95-4822.php) and I’m in some serious problem here. The phone is safely rooted and runs Gingerbread 2.3.6. In order to save internal space (only 188mB) I had safely deleted many system apps and bloatware, including the stock launcher, Mms.apk and the default keyboard as well. Everything was functioning properly. I have a lot of pro version apks, and I was using the Launcher 7 Donate as my default launcher. It was stored on the SDCard and was functioning properly. I also have RootUninstallerPro, and it has the pro-only option of “Installing as System app”. Considering that I wanted Launcher 7 to be my default, I installed it as a system app.
I got a pop-up which said, “For complete changes, restart phone”, and I did so.

That’s when it went bad. The minute I rebooted, I constantly got a notif which said “This process has closed unexpectedly” (This was the Launcher 7 process.) Hence all I could do was pull down the status bar, and have access to the Phone Settings, whilst being constantly interrupted by the pop-up. I resorted to Recovery mode. Without backing up, I accidently flashed my phone, so all installed apps on the SD card were deleted. Now, all I have on my phone is: Launcher7, Camera, Calendars, Android System, Clock, Dialler Storage, Downloads, FM Radio, Process Manager, Search and the usual. (Note: There is no Bluetooth and File Manager as I had installed that on my SD card.) Now, as there is no keyboard installed, I can’t even set up my Wifi and force my way to the Play Store. I tried to send the .apk through Bluetooth, but I can’t as BLTH is not installed on my phone. Icing on the cake, my SIM is not recognized.

Now, I was wondering as to how, (in that priority) :

  1. An external keyboard be set up so that I can set-UP my Wi-Fi and
    download a launcher from the Play Store
  2. An .apk can be installed from Recovery/ Factory mode without ClockWork Mod (it was installed on SD card)
  3. A ROM (custom/stock) designed for A95 specs, or phones having similar specs
  4. A way to install/ flash this ROM without CWM

All help will be appreciated! :)

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    Try to get a CWM running and do a backup, then wipe and reinstall. You can use TitaniumBackup to extract from CWM backups (in the Pro version). Do you still have root and have adb enabled? Manually leech all you get using 'adb pull' and install TitaniumBackup from there. – ce4 Dec 17 '12 at 17:12
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    Please change the title of the question so it briefs your problem. – Suraj Bajaj Dec 17 '12 at 17:14
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    Please improve your question according to "How to ask Android questions the smart way". This will also increase you chances to get a good answer. – Flow Dec 17 '12 at 17:17
  • That's the thing, all my apks are backed up on my SDCard. Without any file-manager, I can't access anything. If there was any way to get a folder view via settings, problem solved. Alternatively, if I could enter using an alternative keyboard, I could access the play store and download a file manager. MY PRIORITY ISN'T RESTORING DATA. – Chanakya Varma Dec 18 '12 at 1:45
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    Obviously you've removed too much system apps. I cannot emphasize enough to first check what can be removed safely by freezing it first, look for a few days, and only if everything's still working fine delete one app -- then go for the next. Also, not all apps do work when installed as system app. To me this looks like a clear candidate requiring a fresh ROM to be flashed. Hopefully ou've made a backup (Nandroid?) before you started your removal task? – Izzy Dec 18 '12 at 7:24

It seems that you have rooted your device.

Mistakes you made:

  • After you got root access you have to backup all system files to your sdcard, but you did not.
  • No Nandroid Backups were made.
  • You moved system apps to the SDcard.

How to recover:

  • Search in your SDCard, you are missing system files with prefixes like com.android... or com.system....

If you find it, copy it to /system/app then reboot in recovery mode.

Take any of your friends' devices, root it, and then copy all system files to your PC/laptop and then copy the same to your phone into the directory /system/app/.


This is quite simple, really. Since you have access to settings, turn USB debugging on, download a launcher and a keyboard apk, and download the development kit. Using adb, install the apks like so:

adb install <filename>.apk

Or better yet, put them into /system/app so that nothing can go wrong.

adb push <filename>.apk /system/app

This should solve your problem.


If I had been in your situation, I would go for flashing stock rom onto the device and re-root it. Later, I would flash a custom recovery and do a Nandroid backup.

After that, I would install apps like Link2SD (my personal favorite) to do the system apps uninstallation/moving to sd card.

So the bottom line is to download the stock rom for your device (XDA is a good start) and flash it.

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