I am getting rather low battery life when using auto-sync on 3G. I have wifi in college and at home, so I'm looking for a way to enable auto sync only when connected to those 2 specific wifi networks.


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That's easily accomplished using Tasker. If you don't know, Tasker is the most complete automation solution for Android. It doesn't come for free (5 Euro -- but you can get a free trial on their homepage), but is definitly worth the price. Just take a look at the Tasker UserGuide for a full description.

Tasker combines conditions and tasks to profiles. In your case, the Task would be something like:

Task AutoSync:

  • Auto-Sync: On

You will have two Conditions, one for each profile (Tasker always connects conditions by AND, so you need two different profiles:

  • Profile Home:
    • Condition: Wifi Connected (add your home network's details)
    • Task: AutoSync
  • Profile College:
    • Condition: Wifi Connected (add your college's network's details)
    • Task: AutoSync

Now, when you're not connected to any of these networks, switch off AutoSync manually once (you won't have to repeat this). Next time you connect to one of the two networks, Tasker turns AutoSync on -- and resets it to the previous state (off) as soon as you are disconnected.

If Tasker is too heavy for you, I'm pretty sure there are other automating tools which can accomplish this simple task (Llama - Location Profiles for example). But now that you've got the idea, you will find the related app fitting you.

  • Tasker looks like a really powerful app, but Llama looks like it'll serve my purpose (just this one) and is free. Thanks!
    – Sumesh
    Dec 18, 2012 at 1:59
  • 1
    Exactly why I mentioned both: I use Tasker, so here I was sure about how it works -- and Llama being a free alternative which most likely can do the same for this case. Enjoy :)
    – Izzy
    Dec 18, 2012 at 6:58

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