I have a problem with my Galaxy Note II (Android 4.1.1) when synchronizing the contacts I have on the phone via Bluetooth with my car. I believe this is some limitation of the number of contacts (or groups of contacts) I have on my phone. The same problem is present on my wife's Galaxy S3.

I therefore would like to understand how the Galaxy Note II synchronizes its contacts with Google. I keep all my contacts in Google (I have nothing locally) and would like to just get the "My Contacts" group (with the hope it will fix the Bluetooth synchronization problem).

I tried to limit the accounts as explained in another post but even though the title of the post is the same as mine, the solutions seem to only limit the number of displayed contacts.

What I did was to:

  1. stop the synchronization for the google account (for contacts)
  2. forcefully delete all contacts from my phone (with Mass Contacts Delete, Delete All Contacts and Delete Contacts
  3. choose only "My Contacts" in Contacts | Menu | Display Options | Choose contacts to display (account)
  4. restart the synchronization

I end up with all google contacts synchronized again ("My Contacts", the groups within and the "Other Contacts" one). I know this because when running the batch contact delete apps they inform me that 500+ contacts will be deleted (while I should have only 30 or so synchronized).

This is why I suspect the solution given in the post I mentioned (and which I basically run in the points 2-4 above) just helps to limit the display (and not the whole synchronization).

I would be grateful for

  • some general information about how the Google accounts are synchronized with Android (specifically Samsung Galaxy)
  • possibly a way to limit the "visible" accounts, as presented by the phone via Bluetooth (the idea being that even if the phone has all the contacts synchronized, maybe there is a way to set it up so that it "presents" (makes visible to other devices) only a subset).

Note: the inferior alternative OS :) (iOS) worked as expected out of the box -- so I guess this is something which is manageable in Android as well.


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4.2.2 and 4.3 customized ROMs (CyanogenMod in my case) fix the issue

... and bring in other ones, less important (the mp3 tags are not streamed with the musioc for instance = the name of the song is not displayed).


After having tried anything I could think of and all the solutions in various group the only one which works was to use Bluetooth File Transfer to forcefully transfer the contacts I wanted to have on my car system.

This is not an optimal solution as

  • the contacts are just transferred, not synchronized
  • new contacts on my phone need to be transferred manually

but at least this gives me something similar to what I had with an iPhone, out of the box (all contacts transferred and synchronized, as expected)

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