My HTC one x gallery pics and videos suddenly disappeared. I can see them in DCIM folder but not visible over the phone.

I restarted the device , clear the cache everything is done but no use. When I open gallery the message shows " No photos found.

  • Have you recently updated your phone? Because it could be an issue with the new firmware update of the HTC One X. My phone didn't have this problem, but I heard from some people that they lost their pictures too.
    – ndsmyter
    Dec 22, 2012 at 19:02

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Try to enable the app named "Media Storage" from App->Menu->Manage apps


The only suggestion I can think of is this - download this app called Rescan Media which simply forces Android to perform a re-scan of the SD-Card and pull in/update the internal media links to the images on the SD-Card itself, so that it will show up in the gallery.

By the sound of it, it looks as if (I'm not exactly 100% certain) that the media scanning is broken on your handset... or that the gallery is failing.

If the above fails to work, then perhaps a suggestion would be to try get a newer firmware or use an alternative ROM such as CyanogenMod/Stock vanilla Android...


Open up the Gallery and on the top-right corner you will find a 'Menu' button. Tap that and choose 'Show/hide albums' option. In the new window that appears, Check 'Select All' or 'All Photos' and 'All Videos' and tap on 'Save'.

If you are still unable to find any pictures or videos in your gallery, follow @t0mm13b's answer. It will help.

Note: Selecting 'All Photos' will show ALL pictures on your device. Even including the small bitmaps that applications 'in your SD Card' use as resources!


I tried the Rescan Media application but did not work. Restarted the phone, still did not work. Then, I figured it out that the SD card came from an old Blackberry and some data was left behind. Thus, I formated the sd card with the computer (FAT) and put it back into the phone. Works like a dime! :)


Download this app called Rescan Media and run this application within 2 min issue solved

  • How is this any different from (or better than) @t0mm13b's answer? Jun 28, 2013 at 7:28

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