I'm using Android 4.1 on a Droid Razr M.

Is there any way to send an email to a contact Group?

I've read several posts that show how to do this but none of them actually work.

There is also an app (GroupU) but it would be nice to be able to send to groups within Gmail.


I spent some time checking for a solution myself, and here are my conclusions.

  1. We will never be able to send to groups within Gmail for Android. I think it's a problem Google will never solve maybe because they want us to use Google Plus to send to groups (i.e. Circles).

  2. To send to Gmail groups outside of Gmail, I found that using Go Contacts is the best way. Gmail Group Share (Free) is also working, but it shows groups of only one Google Account at time.

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    Couldn't you at least provide links to the apps you're recommending? – ale Jul 24 '13 at 0:09

This is actually very easy: STEP 1 Go to your Admin Console & click on “Groups” STEP 2 Create a Group of Users (e.g.: “mygroup”) in your Google Apps Admin Console. Then the group will have an email address like @mydomain. com

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  • How do I get to the Admin Console? Is that the Admin in Gmail or in my Google Account? Does this work if I am not using the paid Google Apps? – Clay Nichols May 21 '17 at 12:47

Use gmail group share, go to the settings and click to show the hidden group and system group.

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