I just got a Samsung Galaxy S3 that runs Android ICS 4.0.8. When I connect the Galaxy S3 to my Mac laptop and use PDAnet to tether, I often get this popup on the Galaxy S3 screen:

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Tethering via PDAnet works great, but the popup can get annoying. I can close the popup, but it comes back a few seconds later.
How can I get rid of this popup permanently?

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    I suspect its some crapware your provider put on there. Dec 28, 2012 at 1:14

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This to me looks like something your provider has added in to stop you getting free tethering on your data plan.

If you are rooted (which I assume you are as you are using a tethering app), then you can attempt to freeze the app that is responsible for this, using an app freezer such as App Quarantine ROOT.

If it isn't an app, then it may be part of the ROM directly, in which case you would have to install a custom ROM such as CyanogenMod. You should look at forums such as XDA-Developers to find a ROM for your device.

Using a custom ROM will definitely remove the message.


In the end, I rooted the phone and installed the Cyanogenmod distribution in place of the cell phone carrier's OS. :)

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