After removing my Google-Account on my HTC One S and adding it again, i recognized that all birthdays stored with contacts are in my calendar twice. When i change birthday at some contact, there is only one, which changes. The information is not from another calendar like Facebook or Google. After removing my account once and adding it, i had two birthdays for each contact, only one changes. After removing my account another time and adding it, i had three birthdays for each conatct and only one changes.

So why this happens or how can i delete or avoid this?

I would like the delete either automically or manually (prefering automatically) but i found no solution to do this.

I made a screenshot to make it clearer. enter image description here


Meanwhile, the only thing that helped was a softreset.i wanted to do it fast. And after the new HTC Update i switched to some Custom Roms anyway.

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"Online version of GCalToolkit" may help.


Follow these simple steps to remove all duplicates from Google Calendar, clean up failed Imports and Sync Sessions, delete events based on text or date ranges, and more... If that's not enough - please try the Windows Desktop Software version of GCalToolkit.:

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  • I have these duplicates only on my phone, so i don't think that works. It's no Google Calendar Entry. – sewo Dec 31 '12 at 16:01
  • In that case you could try to first sync your phone calender with google calender. Then use the provided link. Sync again if required. – Jasjeev Singh Jan 2 '13 at 7:28

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