If you have LauncherPro you may be familiar with one of it's powerful features: LauncherPro Shortcuts.

By using the LauncherPro Shortcut Generator, you can create powerful custom "shortcuts" that can access almost any function in your device that has an Intent (see also Open Intents).

The shortcuts are almost mini apps in their ability to perform complex function like activating settings on your device, adding events in your calendar, sending to a particular email... I believe that LauncherPro Shortcuts may be able to solve Dmitriy's problem here.

It basically opens the door to accomplishing things and accessing functions that you normally would need to be a developer to do. Unfortunately due to the lack of documentation, it's still pretty difficult to use. The author has a thread on his forum for people to post their Custom Shortcuts, as forums go, out of the 210 posts, 99.99% of them are people asking how to use it. It is very frustrating finding the actual shortcuts.

I think the SE format will serve as a better mechanism for listing the Custom Shortcuts, and cutting out all the noise.

In order to keep this orderly please follow the following guidelines:

  1. One Shortcut per Answer
  2. Only post working LauncherPro Shortcuts (anything else will be deleted)
  3. If you have questions or comments about a shortcut, post it in the comments.

Post it in the following format that will allow others to recreate the shortcut:

Shortcut Name (make it descriptive)

Notes: Any notes about what it does and how it works. Also, anything else that needs to be explained.

Form Fields:

  • Action:
  • Package Name:
  • Class Name:
  • MIME Type:
  • Data:
  • Categories:
  • Extras (Type / Name / Value):

(not all fields are required so you can delete the ones you don't use)

In order to make it easy you can cut and paste the following template code into your answer:

##Shortcut Name 

**Notes:**  Type notes here...

**Form Fields:**

 - Action:
 - Package Name:
 - Class Name:
 - MIME Type:
 - Data:
 - Categories:
 - Extras (Type / Name / Value):

I thought about making this a Community Wiki, but decided to keep it a normal question so people can get rep for the useful shortcuts they post (and encourage people to create useful shortcuts that don't already exist).

  • Yikes, these LauncherPro shortcuts are harder than I thought. I can't get any to work.
    – Matt
    Commented Jan 14, 2011 at 3:58

1 Answer 1


LauncherPro Preferences

Notes: Here's one to get us started that I took from Fede's forum post. It opens up the LauncherPro preferences screen.

Form Fields:

  • Action: android.intent.action.MAIN
  • Package Name: com.fede.launcher
  • Class Name: com.fede.launcher.LauncherPreferencesActivity

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