Sometimes when I connect my phone to my headset, the Bluetooth device will be listed as:

"Connected ( no media )"

enter image description here

When this happens, it uses the "Phone audio" profile. The "Media audio" profile (A2DP) will also have a checkmark, as if it were connected, but all sound is coming from the phone's speaker (see photo below). If I attempt to uncheck it, it will immediately recheck itself. When it is working properly, it will wait two seconds and disconnect.

enter image description here

Rebooting the headset, or disconnecting it manually doesn't solve the issue.

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Solved: The android system is likely connected to the headset for phone calls, and some other device for A2DP (media). Some other device is still using the audio connection, even though the sound comes from android's speaker!

What this means is that if you have any other A2DP devices that you've paired your android with (laptop/stereo/etc) then you will have to disconnect via the other device, not android.

However under android's "Paired Devices" list (see image), the other device isn't always listed as connected, even though it is! If you manually try to un-check the "Media audio" profile for the other device, it will not disconnect! You must manually disconnect the other device outside of android.

For example: If the other device is a laptop, you must disconnect the audio connection using the laptop. If the other device has no way to manually disconnect (no buttons), just turn it off and use your android to connect to the correct device.

  • Wow, this was my problem and surprising (what a terrible design that you cannot figure it out on the device). In my case it was a Fedora laptop, which did not show the A2DP device as connected (it was the other day) but as soon as I turned off the Bluetooth stack on the laptop, the "music source" connection was usable after I disconnected and reconnected on Android. The headset itself said it was "ready to pair" so I don't think it was connected to the laptop. It may be that since the laptop is paired with the handset as well they were all on the same PAN (needs to be tested/isolated). Commented Nov 3, 2014 at 15:12
  • This helped me realize my Android Wear watch was the culprit. I'd just disconnect and reconnect my headphones, and it'd be fine. But I wonder if disallowing "Contact Sharing" to my watch will help...
    – Ben
    Commented Mar 23, 2018 at 19:54

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