I noticed my phone's backlight would start to flicker/pulse intermittently when I switch my brightness level to something low (est. between 1% to 15% brightness). The flickering or pulsing is as if the power supplied to the light is fluctuating.

My phone is a HTC Desire, OS used to be stock (Froyo 2.2) when I experienced this, now it is on CM7.2 (GB 2.3.7), still has this problem. I have not tried any other ROMs on this phone, and not sure if it is a software or a hardware problem.

Is there any way to prevent this flickering, other than not setting the brightness to such levels?

  • Did you change your display? – Adnan Jun 6 '13 at 17:33

You could try this fix

Those running the cynogen mod on their HTC Desire and experiencing problems with auto adjustment of brightness would be happy to hear that a fix has been developed to tackle it.

If it doesn't work you could try another rom to determine if its a software or a hardware issue.

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If you really want the brightness that low on your device, try an "overlay" dimmer which displays a dark layer over the screen to simulate darker brightness. To you it will be the same.

Try Lux. It will let you pick how low to let the brightness goes (just before flickering), then it will activate the overlay beyond that.

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