On the surface, this is same question as this question, but I've made the changes according to that question's accepted answer and I still cannot get latitude to auto-update unless I have an app using GPS open.

If I fire up Google maps or MyTracks, a location is sent. but once I close or switch to a new application, my location no longer transmits. It has been like this for several weeks.

My Android version is 2.2.1. GPS is on, but the GPS icon doesn't appear until I start an app that uses GPS.

I actually seem to remember that being a requested feature for an earlier version of android (1.something).

Am I missing something else?

More data: Google maps version 4.5.0 (#4519) 5.0 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAh4yiCzgKw I guess I'll need to retest and see if I still have the issue)

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My issue was resolved by upgrading Google Maps to v5.0.

For those troubleshooting this issue, also see this question (which should probably be your first step): How do I set Google Latitude to auto-update with location regularly?

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