I just purchased a Nexus 4.

I'm perplexed, however, in that it thinks that I am in the Central timezone when I'm actually in the Eastern timezone.

The Clock application that came with the phone has a "Home Timezone" option. This only puts a secondary clock on the clock app when I'm outside of my Home Timezone, which is always the case, because the phone thinks I'm on the Central timezone.

How do I set my phone to the correct timezone?

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It should be under your system settings (the Settings "app"), in the "Date & Time" subsection (which is near the bottom). Uncheck the "Automatic time zone" option and then select the correct one manually:

enter image description here

  • Right on! My sim card was not a micro sim, so I'm currently running without a network-provided time zone. Thanks for the help! Commented Jan 3, 2013 at 2:59

You can also follow the advice in How do I change the time zone (which is disabled) in Honeycomb on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1? which is to use free application Timezone Changer. There is also Timezone Fixer, which updates timezone files (needs ROOT access).

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