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I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 through boost mobile.

I want to get rid of the camera sounds. I bought Tasker, and set up the profile like I was told. Everything is on or off. But when I exit Tasker at first, it says "Active profile". Then, it then says "no active profile".

How do I get rid of this annoying sound? I did system sound, notification sounds, media sounds, and slient sound. But I still have the dang noise.

Please help.

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  • You just need to put mobile in silent mode. It will disable camera sound. – Akhil Mar 5 '13 at 5:34
  1. Have a look at SilentCamera.

  2. Alternatively, if your phone's rooted you can delete those files:

  3. XDA has a mod for devices with custom firmwares.

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