I have an HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus (Google Nexus 3) with T-Mobile USA online-and-walmart-exclusive 30$/mo 5GB@4G unlimited data plan, and I was disappointed to find out that I cannot use the official Google Voice app to perform Click2Call and make calls by receiving SIP INVITE's through an IPKall DDI number tied to an Internet Call Account within the official/default Phone app.

Why the Click2Call feature is available only in the iOS version of Google Voice, and is missing from Android?

How can I make Click2Call work without having to use any third-party apps or solutions with unclear security clearances?

I thought I could easily create an icon-app from https://www.google.com/voice/m, similarly to how it's done from Safari on iOS with the Add to Home Screen option, but I didn't find any similar options when visiting the web-app in the default Browser app on Android.

  • If I understand correctly, sounds like this is related to (but not a duplicate of) what I was looking for when asking a recent question of mine. – Mr. Buster Jan 5 '13 at 2:10
  • Absolutely! So far, both questions can be solved by switching to iPhone/iPad/etc and the official Google Voice app on iOS. Somehow the Click2Call feature has been on iOS GV for a really long time, but is still missing from the Android version! – cnst Jan 5 '13 at 2:27

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