I often resort to pen and paper for quick notes like telephone-numbers, because I feel using my phone will take to long.

Are there any apps for android that will let me be just as quick (freehand), without beeing "just" a drawing application?

Need to somehow sync into cloud or web.

Ideally it should be possible to quickly open the mick and attach the input (Like evernote)

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There are plenty of note taking apps on the Play Store :


If it's possible, and when I'm feeling lazy, I just use my camera.

Otherwise, I use ProDo (it's a task manager). I have a widget on my homescreen, and I just touch it when I want to make a quick and short "note" (or task). Notes or Tasks, it doesn't matter. When I'm done with them, I delete the "note", or move the data to other apps like Evernote or Contacts, if necessary.

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