I have a tablet with Android 4.2 and would like to copy/move the application user data (savegames, ...) from one user to another. I have root. Which directory do I need to move/copy. And do I have to care about the permissions?


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I would use the app Titanium Backup. 1. Install Titanium Backup on the first user profile 2. Make a backup of the app or apps from the first user. 3. Install Titanium Backup on the second user profile 4. Restore data only to the second user profile

That should do the trick.

For instructions on how to use Titanium Backup look here: http://www.titaniumtrack.com/kb/titanium-backup-kb/titanium-backup-user-guide.html#backup


I think you can do it by go backup app, use go backup to backup apk+data, than copy the backed up apk +data in folder external storage/go backup, than make a copy to your friend mmc, than install go backup on your friend phone and restore the app via go backup, i have not try it before, but i think it will work 100%, if you succes with this trick please give a reply

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