How can I resize any image I have to 720 x 1280 resolution to set it as a lockscreen for my Xperia T? I tried Wallpaper Wizardrii but for some reason I cannot get the app to enlarge small pictures to entirely fit the screen.

I had an Apple phone they there was an app called "lockscreen" that automatically stretched/resized any image to match the screen resolution without any empty vertical or horizontal bars.

Are there any equivalent solutions for Android?

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you can try the Go Locker.....

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    Would you mind to add a little more information, e.g. at least a link and a short description?
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  • Im sorry, it-s just im new here so i dunno how. and this is the first question that i've answered, well Go locker is an application for android. But I reviewed your question, you said you need an app. automatically resizes any image, you can try to search in google play or play store the app.. 'Photo Resizer' or 'Image shrink'. I hope it can help. sorry Commented Jan 12, 2013 at 14:08
  • Hey no problem, at all. There's the edit button below your answer to do this. This site is somewhat like a wiki. So it's appreciated to edit, btw. So just hit it and add e.g. the link to the play store + maybe the short description, would be fine.
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