Its been three weeks I have rooted my phone. I have installed a lot of apps using link2sd on external sd card. I have noticed that since the rooting, the battery goes down very fast. 80% of charge goes down to below 40% overnight when on stand-by (without any data/wifi connection). Can the root be cause for that? It hasn't been even a year I bought that phone.

Note: I am using android 2.3.6 and juicedefender for improving battery usage.

  • "root" itself should not be the cause. However, the rooting process might have caused some instabilities. I remember when having rooted my Milestone 2, it booted twice a day. A factory reset solved that (and of course kept root itself intact, as the /system partition is not affected by a factory reset).
    – Izzy
    Commented Mar 4, 2013 at 22:30

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Short answer: No

Long answer: It's all the apps and services running in the background, some great apps I use for monitoring what's going on with the phone:

With those you will be able to narrow down what is causing all the battery drain

Also it may be wakelocks on your kernel


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