(I was originally going to ask how to do this with my computer, and then I realised I can't be leaving my speakers on all night, and apparently, they can't be controlled by the computer. https://superuser.com/questions/529058/letting-my-windows-8-pc-turn-screen-and-speakers-on-off)

I do have a radio alarm clock, but in my apartment, for some reason, radio waves have a lot of trouble reaching me. It's hard to get the radio to work, and even when it does work, there's a lot of noise. And sometimes stations randomly pile themselves up and sound weird.

So I would like my phone to do the job. But I can't get it to work.

I tried TuneIn Radio (which is the only app I found to be able to play my radio station), but for some reason, nothing happens at the time I program on it. Probably a buggy function.

I also tried AlarmDroid, which would have worked fine if I were able to get my hands on the real streaming URL of the radio station. But I haven't. And this is where the real problem is

The station I listen to is streamed on that page: http://saguenay.radionrj.ca/player.aspx

However, that obviously isn't the streaming URL. To find that URL, I tried URL Snooper, as well as literally asking the radio station (who refused, probably because this would allow to skip the ads - which remains strange, because they most likely did give it to TuneIn Radio, since it plays their station fine without any issue)

So! If you have some time on your hands and better technical abilities than I, and could somehow find this URL so I can try it in AlarmDroid, that would be great. Or explain me how I could get the said URL, of course.

Or some other way to get that radio station to wake me up in the morning. Like another app, or a sort of schedule to force the phone to activate Wi-Fi and then launch TuneIn Radio to play the station. Or something. But mainly, I'd like to get the URL. More simple, and besides, this isn't an Android forum.

Oh uhm. Automatically turning Wi-Fi on is important. But if I manage to get the URL, no issue, because the app has that built-in.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Having people speak in the morning is a great help in waking up faster. Else my brain refuses to turn on.

Oh, yeah. Details about my phone, even though I doubt it's really useful:

  • Android 2.3.6 (Gingerbread)
  • Samsung Galaxy Q (SGH-T589W). FYI it's (almost?) the same as the Samsung Gravity Smart.
  • Not rooted. I'd actually like to root it, but I was unable to. xD

I know this website is not really about smartphones, but I asked this here anyway because 1. I can't seem to get help elsewhere and 2. I may have put a lot of information, and may be open to an Android app suggestion or something, but mostly, the core of the problem, and the most likely solution, is to get my hands on the proper streaming URL, which isn't directly Android-related. A similar problem might be encountered on a PC, and the solution most likely doesn't require knowing anything of my phone.

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Hoping that it's the same radio station and I didn't took a wrong stream URL...

AAC Stream: http://icecastsource2.amri.ca/cjab-aac

MP3 Stream: http://icecastsource2.amri.ca/cjab-mp3

I tested this in VLC and it worked.

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