I have an LG -E405 phone running Android 2.3.6.

As can be seen here, the phone has 1GB internal memory and 384Mb RAM.

When I look at default App manager, this is what I get,

  • RAM - 231Mb
  • System Memory - 157 Mb.
  • Internal Memory - 378Mb.
  • SD Card - 2Gb.

Also, all the applications I install, by default take up space from System memory.

Many tutorials explain about moving apps from internal memory to SD Card to free up space.

But, in my phone I only get the option to move from System Memory to Internal Memory.

It is like a whole new layer has been added in the memory heirarchy.

So, what is this System Memory.

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    Thanks to the details you've given: Looks like it's just confusing "display names". "System memory" seems to stand for "internal/phone memory", "Internal memory" means some "internal sd card". Sizes given obviously stand for "free/available space". – Izzy Jan 10 '13 at 7:44

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