I'm using the NFC Task Launcher for launching actions stored on my own tags. This works fine.

What I'm searching for is an app that associates a certain action with an arbitrary tag. An example: my company ID card has an NFC tag. This tag cannot be changed by me. But I want to activate a "At Work" profile when I scan that tag.

So, the actual action is NOT stored on the tag but on the phone and gets triggered by reading that tag.

Is there an app that I could use for that?

  • Old question, but Automate allows you to trigger actions based on a tag id. Note that it recommends against it due to some tags randomly generating ids - so if your tag is one of these them you might struggle regardless of what app you use. Feb 8, 2018 at 12:45

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I've been looking at llama. You can set actions based on conditions, and one of the selectable conditions is NFC tag detected. I haven't tried this myself yet, but the program is pretty well thought out. Highly recommended!

  • whoa! great! must have been introduced in the short past. Aside of the NFC functionality, it seems like Llama was the app I was actually looking for! You get the accept for this!
    – eckes
    Nov 14, 2013 at 10:53

If you don't mind a small amount of simple programming, it is pretty easy to trigger actions from NFC using Microsoft's ON{X} app (yes, bizarrely this is a Microsoft app that's only available on Android).

As long as you've already got the hardware support, this lets you trigger a whole lot of actions with an NFC tag, with an absolutely minimal amount of simple scripting. See their recent blog entry on NFC for some of what you can do.

  • +1 for a really promising answer. -1 for MS because of the FB login. These guys are crazy!
    – eckes
    Jan 10, 2013 at 14:36

The answer of CAThrawn pointed me to the right direction (thanks for that!): it's possible with ON{X} and a few lines of custom code. There you go:

function messageSentCB(err){
  if(err != undefined) {
    var m = device.notifications.createMessageBox('mail sending failure');
    m.content = err;

function sendMessage(){
  var _to = "<recepient>";
  device.messaging.sendMail({to:_to, subject:'arrived at work', body:':-)'}, messageSentCB);

device.nfc.on("found", function(signal) {
  var workid = "id-of-my-tag-at-work"; // id of my tag at work
  var id = signal.id.toArray().join("-");

  if(id == workid){
    var notification = device.notifications.createNotification("At Work");
    notification.vibrate = false;

    device.network.wifiEnabled = true;          // enable WIFI
    device.bluetooth.enabled   = false;         // disable BT
    device.audio.ringerMode    = 'vibrate';     // silent mode on
    device.network.on("wifiOn", sendMessage()); // send mail once connected

Works great for now. I'm going to dive into the ON{X} API a bit in order to toggle the state and so disable settings again once I want to leave work.

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