I got a Zte Origin (solavei service) from vx4gwireless

There's a customer in their affiliate program and she's added all these apps and needs to root her phone (and I need to as well). I do not see a Zte Origin in your list of Androids in the How do I root my Android device? section.

Can you please add this phone and instructions on how to root it?

Its the blue Zte Origin, Model number Zte V768 Android version 2.3.7

And I need to know how to delete apps and move them to SD card after rooting!

Thanking you and that I hope someone can help!

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    Am sorry! But, this Zte Handset is extremely localized to your country and cannot find the means to enclose instructions on rooting, but however, try using SuperOneClick toolkit to attempt rooting. And then you can add that to the community page (no reps needed - iirc)
    – t0mm13b
    Commented Jan 11, 2013 at 0:10

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I rooted mine with no trouble. It's been a while but I now have SuperSU and Uninstall on my unit. I don't remember specifically downloading either one they nay have downloaded along with an 'install'. So do dome DD and try downloading these two. I do remember I had to fiddle some on the connection between my PC and the ZTE but eventually the rooting software loaded. I also installed Internet Booster, Ram Booster, SDCard Booster and I believe these are by the same software designer and seem to be flawless. These products working together have dramatically speeded up my ZTE Origin and I rarely get 'out of space' warnings - theyare fantastic and I would HIGHLY recommend them.

After getting all of these installed I was able to move a number of apps to my SD card freeing up a ton of space.

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