I turned on usb-debugging on my HTC One X just to see if I could identify it when using Android SDK. Now the usb-debugging mode always shows up when I connect the phone to my Windows and Linux computer.

I have Android 4.1.1 on it; it's not rooted. The settings in developer options is off for everything. Developer options itself is also set to off. Despite this, I always get a notification on my phone that it has connected in usb-debugging mode when I connect with usb-cable. When I check the developer options, they are mysteriously set to on again.

When I try to change the settings for the usb connection, I get the settings for Portable hotspot & tethering and not the settings to charge or use mass storage. Strange!

This behavior prevents me from using the mass storage option. On my Linux computer, I cannot see any files on the device.

Are there any global configurations/settings I can clear to fix this? What else should/could I do?


In the developer settings, there is a "Revoke USB debugging authorizations". Try to use it. It should remove the authorization you give for your computer. So next time, that computer won't be able to directly use the debugging.

  • This sounds smart. OP should give it a go. – SarpSTA Jan 16 '16 at 6:40

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