I recently downloaded the OpenVPN app and I have it setup to connect to a server at my house and all of my HTTP(S) traffic is tunneled through the connection. I have confirmed this by going to ipchicken.com and it shows the correct public IP. Under the OpenVPN settings I have the "use system proxy" box checked. My question is does that pertain to the Facebook and Gmail apps as well? I would assume the apps are just using HTTPS to connect and then display them but wasn't 100% sure.

On a side note, for some reason every time I connect to my VPN on the cell network, it pushes me my correct route that my server is handing out but it also pushes a route. This is not defined anywhere in my setup and doesn't show up when I connect to my VPN through another WiFi network. It is solely linked to the cell network. Everything still works fine but was curious why it did this.

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