I have a recent issue with my Galaxy Tab 10.1 where the screen capture function randomly activates, and it is driving me crazy. I did a factory reset and the problem persists.

It is more than accidental touching of the new quick reference key. It is completely random, most noticeable while whatching a movie etc.

Other than the factory reset, is there anything else I can do? In communication with Samsung, their only suggestion is to conduct the reset.

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What have you done after the factory reset -- installing everything you've had installed before? Best way to figure out where the problem is located is:

  1. Backup as much as you can
  2. factory-reset the device
  3. do not yet install/restore anything!
  4. check for a reasonable time whether the problem re-appears
    • if it does right after the factory-reset, your device needs go to support (or they need to send a firmware update/fix)
    • if it not re-appears, continue with 5.
    • if it does re-appear, you've found the app causing the issue. Break here, see below.
  5. re-install/recover ONE app. Repeat from 4.

If above steps resulted in an app being the cause, you've got multiple choices:

  • re-configure the app and see if you can make the error go away
  • uninstall the app and see if the problem goes away
  • if none of the two works, start with step 2. above and skip the bad app.

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