Anyone know what the largest size of card the HTC Desire will take? I saw this question, Maximum (micro) SD card speed class for HTC EVO? Which says a class4, so that's okay as the 32gb card is class 2.

Curious to know how well this will work, as my iPod recently died and I'd like to use my phone as a part time replacement. Anyone experimented with larger cards? I have a 4gb in my phone at the moment and it's okay, I have an 8gb card I'll test when I get home, but would be keen to know results with 16gb and 32gb


The desire supports sdhc which is upto 32gb so it should work fine. I have a 16gb in my droid and there's no difference noticable from a smaller card (other than it having more capacity).

If you were to find a bigger card (I'm not sure they have any in micro) you'd need a phone that supports SDXC.

  • can you provide a reference for your information? I have just got the 64gb SDXC in my desire [cyanogenmod] and it seems to be supported, but slow. – Meitham Aug 11 '14 at 17:41

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