I downloaded this 80 MB ZIP file containing 27000 files to my SD card and unzipped it using this code.
A no space left error occurred before all files could be extracted.

I couldn't remove the folder, neither with adb shell rm -f nor the Open Manager app nor by mounting the SD card and removing from Ubuntu/Nautilus:

$ adb shell rm -f /sdcard/OxygenGuide
rm failed for /sdcard/OxygenGuide, I/O error


There was an error deleting 08267130495190304.html.
Error removing file: Read-only file system

It looked like trying to remove this particular file makes the whole SD card read-only. Unmounting/remounting made it read/write again, but the same error happened when I tried to delete again.

I decided to reboot, and now I just have a black screen with just the top bar, showing the "Checking SD card" icon and usual network/battery/date. adb logcat shows this:

I/ActivityThread(  323): Publishing provider downloads: com.android.providers.downloads.DownloadProvider
W/Vold    (   71): Filesystem modified - rechecking (pass 2)
I/Vold    (   71): Device /dev/block/vold/179:1, target /mnt/sdcard mounted @ /mnt/secure/staging
D/Vold    (   71): Volume sdcard state changing 3 (Checking) -> 4 (Mounted)
I/ActivityThread(  270): Publishing provider call_log: com.android.providers.contacts.CallLogProvider
W/logwrapper(   71): In fsckdelay end. Kill dosfsck, ret=-1

Android 2.2


Here is how I solved both problems:

1) Remove battery and reboot. Two times because it was still behaving strange the first time.

2) Remove files little by little, until I found the problematic file, called %01.%02, I recognized its content as a tile from the Maverick map app (which I have not launched so it is more of a random casualty). Anyway, I renamed that file to a.a. and then deletion was successful.

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