I use Samsung Galaxy Note with Android 4.0.3. When I am outside the home network i.e. On roaming, the phone is not able to sync with Microsoft Exchange. When I am back in Home network they get downloaded.

Also even in home network the email exchange is not stable. Many a times you get message "Update security settings".

I have contacted our IT Help-desk which says that settings are correct. The mobile service provider says that as other net based applications are working the problem is not at their end.

Please advise.

  • Could you take a second (different) device to cross-check? It could be many things aside from your provider and your IT, could be your device, something with its configuration, the app messing up/not being able to handle some things correctly. You could also try a different mail app from the playstore (there are some supporting Exchange) to check. If it works with the other phone, it's not your provider or IT. If it works with the other app... clear. Third option left is your device/system then... – Izzy Jan 18 '13 at 19:45

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