I want to upgrade from the free version of ADW Launcher to ADW Launcher EX. How can I do this without having to re-create all of my app settings and widgets?


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Here is a partial solution (it doesn't copy widgets).

You must save the ADW settings as a backup in the free version, then restore them in the paid version.

  1. Open ADW Launcher
  2. Context menu > ADWSettings > System > Backup and Restore > Backup
  3. Open ADW Launcher EX
  4. Context menu > ADWSettings > System > Backup and Restore > Restore > (choose the backup time stamp you just created)
  5. Context menu > ADWSettings > System > Restart ADW
  6. Now you'll have to re-create your widgets.

Actually your algorithm is right except one thing - you can't restore widgets if you are using Android ICS or older. This is limitation of OS. From this post:

NOTE 2: If you unfortunately have an Android device running anything prior to Android 4.1, the widgets will not be restored.

And also from Play Store:

-AppWidget backup/restore (only for android 4.1 and newer)

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