I just got a nexus 4 and have been trying out a couple of 'lost phone' apps. I was using the face/pattern authention for the lockscreen, but now it prompts for a password. I tried my google account password and I still can't get on.

I'm not really sure what caused this, but I'd obviously like to get back on my device. How can I recover (or reset) my password?

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The prompt for the password is probably caused by one of those apps. Try to remember the password you may have used for them. Or else please provide a list of the apps you've tried. (This can be achieved by going to the Google Play website and clicking on my apps. As a last resort you can restore your phone to it's factory settings by entering the recovery. To boot into the recovery press and hold power and volume up

  • I ended up doing a hard reset. The problem actually happened after I removed the apps(Android Lost and Wheres My Droid). I also had prey installed, but the password from that didn't on the phone, but it did on the site.
    – devnill
    Commented Feb 17, 2013 at 6:15

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