I bought a new HTC Desire (will arrive in a few days). The phone is not branded (or unbranded) will arrive with version 2.1, and I want to update to 2.2.

After a lot of reading I realized I need to create a goldcard. So I bought a 2GB microSD card and I will create the goldcard when the phone arrives.

I also read about rooting the phone, which means (from what I understood) to flash the phone's ROM.

What I want to know is do I have to root the phone in order to update to 2.2 ???

Thanks a lot !!!


HTC provide OTA-update to 2.2 for HTC Desire. You don't need any special (root or goldcard) to update your phone. Just connect your phone to Wi-Fi or 3G

  • Hey Vitus - thanks for your answer :-). I read/header about some cases that if you don't update with gold card (even using OTA) some wifi issues appear (htcdesireforum.com/htc-desire-troubleshooting/…) With that, I must add that I am total newbie in android, so maybe I am missing something out.
    – TCS
    Dec 23 '10 at 14:11

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