I have a Craig 4.0.3 Android tablet.

Can it download apps from the Google Play Store? My tablet does not seem to have the Google Play app. Is there a way to download the Google Play Store app?

I have already signed up with a Gmail account, which was one of the prerequisites to access the Google Play Store.

Please let me know. I keep getting an error that I cannot download apps, because I don't have the Google Play Store app. Thank you very much.


The latest version of Google Play Store is 3.10.10.

AndroidPolice has hosted an APK which you can download and install.

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    Keep in mind: When there was no Playstore App previously installed, it's not that easy as simply download the .apk and install it. AFAIK Playstore must be a system app in order to be able to fully function. So it requires root to move the .apk to /system/apps. Once it's there, updates can be installed normally (that's what your AndroidPolice link is intended for). – Izzy Feb 20 '13 at 7:32

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