On my PC, I am using TouchCursor, so that I can control the text cursor using key combinations such as:

  • SPACE+I/J/K/L: up/left/down/right

  • SPACE+H/N: page up/down

That way, and when using a keyboard with a TrackPoint, everything is reachable from the home row, and I don't need to move hands. TouchCursor reconfigures the space key:

  • to act as a modifier key when pressed together with I/J/K/L/H/N/..., and

  • to act as space, when pressed and released.

Can I get the same functionality with an external keyboard connected to a modern Android device?

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I have done extensive research talking to developers who make applications for Android and the PageDown & PageUp do not exist in Android unless the application chooses to implement this(which is quite rare). The PgDn key doesn't even work on Chromebook with Android apps. The only application that I know of that implements the PageDown key at all are web browsers like Chrome. I also use a pointing stick so I understand your frustration and or desire to have a feature like this. My best advice would be to either VPN/VNC into another computer which has this implemented or use SSH/MOSH to have such feature at least at the terminal.

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