I have a Samsung Captivate Glide and it's got 4 gigs of storage that isn't main storage and isn't SD card memory. It shows up as a separate section under settings->storage and it's mounted on /sdcard/usbStorage

The real physical SD card is mounted under /sdcard/external_sd.

So it's 4 gigs of free space, but I can't use it for anything because the media scanner won't pick up anything I put in there.

Is there a way to force the scanner to search particular directories?

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If you are comfortable using the command line then you could use the directions in Can I trigger a media scan via the command line?

Pass file:///sdcard/usbStorage to the media scanner.


export ANDROID_ASSETS=/system/app
export ANDROID_CACHE=/cache
export ANDROID_DATA=/data
export ASEC_MOUNTPOINT=/mnt/asec
export ANDROID_ROOT=/system
export BOOTCLASSPATH=/system/framework/core.jar:/system/framework/core-junit.jar:/system/framework/bouncycastle.jar:/system/framework/ext.jar:/system/framework/framework.jar:/system/framework/android.policy.jar:/system/framework/services.jar:/system/framework/apache-xml.jar:/system/framework/filterfw.jar
export EXTERNAL_STORAGE=/mnt/sdcard
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/vendor/lib:/system/lib

am broadcast -a android.intent.action.MEDIA_MOUNTED -d file:///sdcard/usbStorage

I can't test this for you so let us know if it works.

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