I have rooted my android phone and removed some of system apps form my Samsung GT-S5360 in order to save space. These are

  • Email.apk
  • EmailWidget.apk
  • Memo.apk MyFiles.apk
  • QuickOffice.apk
  • SamsungApps.apk
  • SamsungWidget_ProgramMonitor.apk
  • SamsungWidget_StockClock.apk
  • YouTube.apk

My phone is working very good except when I tried to play "FM Radio" which is not detecting any station at all.

Please tell me how to rest this phone to buy day condition. Or if replacing/flashing the firmware to S5360DDLK2_S5360ODDLK1 will solve my problem. Will change my IMIE etc?

  • Usual recommendation though too late in your case (remember for next time then): Don't ever go straight to delete, but first freeze (disable) apps to check for possible side effects. Had you done so, a simple "unfreeze" would have restored factory conditions without losing any data.
    – Izzy
    Mar 5 '13 at 21:06

Yes, you will have to reflash ROM to restore to purchase day settings. Since you deleted those .apk files, a simple reset won't do the trick.

IMEI is hard coded in phone, reflashing firmware will have no affect on that.

However, I don't see how any of the apps you listed as deleted should have anything to do with FM radio reception.... maybe the samsungapps has the programming to make radio work?


First you should try to use the settings item "Reset Phone".
You can find it at settings->back up and reset -> factory data reset.

But remember: if you do this all your data will be deleted so do a backup on your pc or cloud first.

  • If this does not help try to find out your kernel and build and baseband. Normally Settings -> about phone.

  • Load your firmware from samfirmware and flash it with odin.

  • There are several guides you can find (one is at samfirmware too).

Maybe there is a solution without resetting or flashing, but I don't know any.
Hope it helps you.

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