I have a 10" Android Tablet which is based on NVIDIA Tegra2 (Ventana) chip (boot image shows something like: GO MOVIL, Conectate Sin Limites). It comes with Android 3.2 and works fine, and I would like to upgrade it to Android 4.0 ICS using the OS image available from NVIDIA.

I can press-and-hold Volume-down key while boot-up to enter fastboot mode, and it displays the following message on screen:

Preparing for entering recovery mode...

I've tried several key combinations but couldn't get into recovery mode. Could somebody please show me some hints?

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    This is a bit of an aside but is your device a Tegra2 dev kit? Or does it simply have a Tegra2 chip? If the latter, flashing that image is likely to be a bad idea. – Matthew Read Mar 6 '13 at 17:04

I think it'is a very easy question to answer your device don't found the recovery partition When you flash are you leave original schema partition intact ? NO ? I hope you have a backup ..... AZ2012

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  • OP never mentioned that he had flashed the device, he is just unable to enter recovery mode. – Flow Apr 24 '13 at 6:28

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