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Is there a way to pin websites to your homescreen in Android like an app? I know this can be done in iOS, Windows Phone, and Windows 8, but I don't see a way to accomplish it on a Nexus 7 Android device.

The closest I've been able to come is to set the sites I want pinned as bookmarks and place the bookmarks folder as a widget on the homescreen, but I'd prefer not to have the clutter of the bookmark folder there and just pin sites directly.

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Android has a Bookmark widget that supports individual sites, and a Bookmarks widget that will display all of your bookmarks.

It looks like you don't want to use the Bookmarks widget, but rather an individual Bookmark.

There are 2 ways:

  1. From within Chrome: Bookmark the site you want to link to. Open the Bookmarks (via Menu > Bookmarks) and long-press the one you want to add. Select Add to home screen

  2. From the App Launcher: Go to Widgets and find Bookmark (it looks like a red flag with a star on mine) and add that to your home screen. You can then pick whichever bookmark you want.

Either way results in a direct link to the desired bookmarked website.

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