Using 'Virtual Router Plus' to set up a wifi hotspot on my desktop. I can manually connect with my tablet devices a first time, but after a couple hours it times out, disconnects.

I am unable to connect a 2nd time, my Galaxy Tab is stuck in 'Obtaining IP Address' mode. Is their a way to force an Android device to 'remember' and automatically reconnect to a previous hotspot?


"Obtaining IP Address" message means that your device has automatically reconnected to the AP. Most likely than not the problem is on the PC side.

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after much frustration with this problem I have found a solution

  1. turn off wifi on your Tablet
  2. turn off your tablet
  3. turn your tablet back on
  4. turn on wifi

your tablet should now connect :)

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Finally I found a solution for this. When I was stuck on obtaining IP address I was using static IP using Google DNS

Today I was trying to install Android on my PC (VMWare)and I found something in there and tried the same trick on my tablet and voila it worked. So I don't know who solved this trick but I want to share my solution here. Which is /etc/init.sh or init.goldfish.sh

Edit this file using any text editor using root permissions.

add these lines

  • netcfg eth0 up (activates the network interface)
  • netcfg eth0 dhcp (network interface gets an IP address from DHCP)
  • setprop net.dns1 (Set the Google DNS Server)
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Here are the details for us non-nerdy guys with a Belkin Router that usually has an IP of; others differ like, etc.

  1. Settings

  2. Wi-Fi

  3. Hold down desired Wi-Fi network

  4. In Advanced settings, put check mark into box

  5. Change IP from DHCP to STATIC

  6. Scroll down and set for IP: or 56 57 58 59, etc.

  7. Scroll down and set for gateway:

  8. Scroll down and set for prefetch: 11 (usually 24)

  9. Scroll down and set for DNS 1:

  10. Scroll down and set for DNS 2.

  11. Click save

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  • go to Wi-fi settings
  • first forget the network
  • in "Advanced" settings choose "Static IP"
  • enter following

IP adress= (IPv4 address, ten digit number, when entering put different last digit) Gateway= (IPv4 default gateway) Netmask= DNS 1= DNS 2=

use a computer connected to the network/router to find IPv4 address/gateway


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  • 1
    And who controls that DNS? – ale Mar 17 '13 at 23:07
  • IPv4 addresses are not always ten digits, nor is the subnet always /24 – Mr. Buster Jun 19 '13 at 18:24
  • @AlE. OpenDNS.com – Tim Jan 17 '16 at 13:41

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