Using 'Virtual Router Plus' to set up a wifi hotspot on my desktop. I can manually connect with my tablet devices a first time, but after a couple hours it times out, disconnects.

I am unable to connect a 2nd time, my Galaxy Tab is stuck in 'Obtaining IP Address' mode. Is their a way to force an Android device to 'remember' and automatically reconnect to a previous hotspot?


"Obtaining IP Address" message means that your device has automatically reconnected to the AP. Most likely than not the problem is on the PC side.


after much frustration with this problem I have found a solution

  1. turn off wifi on your Tablet
  2. turn off your tablet
  3. turn your tablet back on
  4. turn on wifi

your tablet should now connect :)


Finally I found a solution for this. When I was stuck on obtaining IP address I was using static IP using Google DNS

Today I was trying to install Android on my PC (VMWare)and I found something in there and tried the same trick on my tablet and voila it worked. So I don't know who solved this trick but I want to share my solution here. Which is /etc/init.sh or init.goldfish.sh

Edit this file using any text editor using root permissions.

add these lines

  • netcfg eth0 up (activates the network interface)
  • netcfg eth0 dhcp (network interface gets an IP address from DHCP)
  • setprop net.dns1 (Set the Google DNS Server)

Here are the details for us non-nerdy guys with a Belkin Router that usually has an IP of; others differ like, etc.

  1. Settings

  2. Wi-Fi

  3. Hold down desired Wi-Fi network

  4. In Advanced settings, put check mark into box

  5. Change IP from DHCP to STATIC

  6. Scroll down and set for IP: or 56 57 58 59, etc.

  7. Scroll down and set for gateway:

  8. Scroll down and set for prefetch: 11 (usually 24)

  9. Scroll down and set for DNS 1:

  10. Scroll down and set for DNS 2.

  11. Click save

  • go to Wi-fi settings
  • first forget the network
  • in "Advanced" settings choose "Static IP"
  • enter following

IP adress= (IPv4 address, ten digit number, when entering put different last digit) Gateway= (IPv4 default gateway) Netmask= DNS 1= DNS 2=

use a computer connected to the network/router to find IPv4 address/gateway


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    And who controls that DNS? – ale Mar 17 '13 at 23:07
  • IPv4 addresses are not always ten digits, nor is the subnet always /24 – Mr. Buster Jun 19 '13 at 18:24
  • @AlE. OpenDNS.com – Tim Jan 17 '16 at 13:41

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