One of my relatives sent me an email pointing to this URL: http://www.flugversuch.at/cnu/kbdjobbwclikw/nbopigxdb/pxcbaolinizdg/qfktoohwzplsjsp

When I got there, it automatically downloaded an APK called com.android.fixed.update. What could this be and should I install it?

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Are you sure it really was one of your relatives sending this mail -- and not just a spammer using their address as sender (as the URL suggests)? I would for sure NOT install that, to me it looks like malware. Ask that relative first if and why and what he sent.

A Google Search revealed some related information:

  • on XDA one encountered something similar, and they assume it's rather malware
  • BestAppMarket informs this app was removed from Google Play (hm, guess why). Same information is found at AndroidInformer
  • and here it comes: VirusTotal clearly lists it as malware, being detected as such by several malware scanners.

Conclusion: Keep your fingers OFF! Do NOT install!

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