I have a Samsung Galaxy SII GT-9100 with Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 XXLS8. I am using a PIN for my screen lock. If I make a call while my phone is unlocked, when the call is ended the screen goes to the lock. It is really annoying. How can I fix this?


Try disconnecting the call before the other side hangs up.

I've noticed a similar behavior in ICS 4.0, where if I disconnect the call first the phone does not lock.

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    Interesting :) I will try it. – Olcay Ertaş Mar 11 '13 at 23:18

This is a general problem with all Android phones. Best way to solve this problem is On Call End program. It provides user to select following actions to take after a call:

  • Do nothing
  • Go to phone Home screen
  • Go to phone Dialer
  • Vibrate
  • Show a toast message with the call duration. Outgoing call duration includes the ringing time.

You can install On Call End from here:

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