I've ordered a [Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini] (hasn't arrived yet) :


On the above link, it says that it uses "Mini-SIM".

I've tried double-checking that info on Samsung's site, but there it only sais "Sim Support":


My problem is, my provider only lets me switch my standard SIM to Micro-SIM or Nano-SIM.

Is there a way to make any of these work with the Galaxy S3 Mini? Anyone who already owns such a phone has had this issue? (and hopefully solved it)?


A Mini-SIM is the same thing as a standard SIM nowadays. The term was coined back in the day when SIM cards were the size of a credit card. Thus, the current-day regular SIM was known as Mini-SIM. Micro-SIM is the next step (used in newer smartphones, examples from GSMArena) and then there is the Nano-SIM (used only in iPhone 5, iPad mini and Asus PadFone Infinity, as far as I know).

See GSM SIM card evolution for graphical representation.


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