When I turn off my phone, next time it says SD card is damaged and all data is gone, I can only reformat it. The phone is "gionee iq275" (also known as "Fly" in Russia), Android version is 2.3.4. What can be the source of problem? How can I get rid of it? I know, the phone is crap, but at the moment just throwing it away and buying another is not a solution.


Not sure why that happened, but I got rid of the problem by making 2 things:

  • Performed full format of the SD card, and
  • Safely eject SD card before reboot of poweroff (not sure if it's necessary)

After that, I didn't see this problem again for now.


That crappy phone sometimes damages SD card content regardless of whether the techniques written above are used... it seems to be a device-specific problem. So, my advice (if anyone else reads this) - don't buy "no-name" Chinese phones! :D

  • This is a problem for Samsung phones and Moto Gs as far as I have seen, so it's not restricted to certain brands. Format & safe eject does not work for me unfortunately.
    – marts
    Aug 29 '17 at 18:05

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