My Samsung Galaxy S2 keeps saying not registered on network when I try to phone also a no entry sign where the signal bars should be keeps randomly appearing.

Does anyone know how to fix it or whats happening?


It sounds like you may need to reset your APN settings, Your phone will be slightly different than mine, I'm using a Nexus 4. Try locating the following:

Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names -> and from there locate the "Reset to default" option.

If that doesn't work, you can backup your device, and factory reset it.

  • I have got to access point names but can not find a reset to default option. – leelee21xo Mar 13 '13 at 17:38
  • i did have my phone unlocked from orange so i could put my vodafone sim in i dont know if that would effect it? but that was months ago and the phone has worked fine untill now. @Michael – leelee21xo Mar 13 '13 at 17:40
  • Try looking here, Menu > Settings > Wireless & Network > Mobile Network > Access Point Names > then press Menu, and look for the reset option. – Michael Mar 13 '13 at 18:02
  • ok found i have found it and reset it but it still says not registered on network, @michael – leelee21xo Mar 13 '13 at 19:49
  • In that case I would perform a factory reset – Michael Mar 13 '13 at 20:10

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