I have a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S, and I am unable to update or uninstall LiveWare.

Every time I try to update, a message pops up saying:

Error package file was not signed correctly. Uninstall the previous copy of the app and try again.

However, I am unable to uninstall it as there is no option for me to do so, only the option to update. I also cannot open LiveWare, and because I can not update it my SmartWatch is not working properly as I am unable to install apps to the watch.

My phone is up to date as I have downloaded the latest updates to 4.0.3

I have reset my phone to factory settings updated it and done everything I can think of. What's causing this issue?


To reinstall LiveWare™ manager or Smart Connect

  1. From your phone’s main application menu, find and tap Settings > Applications.
  2. Select LiveWare™ manager or Smart Connect.
  3. Tap Uninstall, then tap OK.
  4. Install LiveWare™ manager or Smart Connect application from Google Play™ again.

Note: The Smart Connect application only works for Sony phones running Android™ version 4.0 and later. All other Android™ phones still need LiveWare™ manager application.


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