I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 Model Number (SGH-I727R), running Android 4.1.2.

The problem that I am encountering is that there is this Facebook (Build 14....) thing that is running in my drop down menu. Unfortunately, that is all I can read on it because the rest of the brackets are cut off. It looks like it is trying to download something. When I hold my finger over it to get info, it says Download Manager version 4.1.2, followed by a long model number.

I am not sure how to end this process or get it to finish whatever it is trying to do. I've tried restarting my phone, uninstalling Facebook and then re-installing it. The problem still persists. Please help me. It's just really annoying to constantly see that downloading icon running all of the time, and nothing is happening.

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Go to downloads, click on it and send it to trash. Worked for me.


enter image description here

I hope this is your problem,rt?

just go in downloads,select other downloads and it will appear facebook build 141046 and then select that and click cancel.


settings-->apps-->all-->download manager-->force stop,
disable and clear cache then enable again


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