I cannot connect my Galaxy Y phone to my MacBook for mass storage using a USB cable. I have installed Android File Transfer software but it does not detect my phone when I connect it. I believe I have to change the USB / Mass Storage settings on my phone but cannot find them in the Settings. I have disabled USB Debugging in Settings > Applications > Development but there is no USB setting in Wireless and Networks. Where do I find the USB Mass Storage settings in my Galaxy Y phone? Tim, London

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    Tim, what Android version have you running? What options does your phone give you? With Android 4.x, many devices discarded UMS, and switched to MTP. Please see the tag-wiki for UMS for some more details (btw: you can find such basic info for many tags here, just hover your mouse over the tag, and select the "info" link in the popup).
    – Izzy
    Commented Mar 16, 2013 at 16:26

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Any time if you connect your android mobile device to a laptop/desktop, you just switch over to "Notifications" and select the option which is for Connecting your mobile phone to devices. Click on the 'Connect to Storage' option.

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