I live in Argentina and use OpenStreetMap since the maps are really accurate in that area.

I travel in a specific area with my Android Smartphone using GPS. In that area mainly I like to save GPS coordinates in my map (my clients) and make notes to them. Additionally I would like to add roads that are not recorded in OpenStreetMap yet, but that is not really necessary.

Currently I use the Osmand app on my phone. It contains offline maps, which is important since I have no internet connection out there, I can record favorites but cant really make much notes to them like some kind of history of my visits. And I cant extend the map of unknown roads with that app.

Is there a better way to achieve that?

I would like to use the favorites to see where I have to make my visits next and what would be the best route for that.

  • With Trekbuddy (see this Q/A) you can add comments like notes to a way points that you would like to visit. Trekbuddy uses maps prepared with MOBAC and is quite similar to OsmAnd. – Narayanan Mar 20 '13 at 12:40

OsmTracker (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.guillaumin.android.osmtracker&hl=en) will meet your requirements. It can upload the GPX tracks directly to OpenStreetMap, but I prefer using JOSM to upload the data.

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  • I forgot.to mention that I need a tool with offline maps. – juergen d Mar 20 '13 at 10:00

How about using several different apps?

MapsWithMe is awesome for viewing OpenStreetMap offline. You can download whole countries, and see them in a very fluid interface

OSMTracker is a good basic GPS tracing app, with buttons for taking quick notes of various kinds (do the actual OpenStreetMap editing later when you get home)

Vespucci is a more full-featured OpenStreetMap editor which would allow you to add roads. I could be wrong but I think it's the only android app which supports full geometry editing. That's always going to be a bit fiddly to do on a phone anyway though, and I don't find vespucci very easy to use (prefer take notes and then edit at home)

Those are some of my personal preferences at the moment, but people are developing/improving these apps all the time.

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I think that osmeditor4android does what you're looking for. Functionality includes:

  • create, edit new nodes & ways
  • append nodes to existing ways
  • create, edit tags
  • up/download to OSM server
  • highlight unnamed highways & ways/nodes with TODOs

If it somehow doesn't do what you want, the OSM wiki has a nice chart comparing a number of Android apps.

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  • The problem with vespucci is that I cant load the complete area at once. It is too big for that. – juergen d Mar 20 '13 at 0:47

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