I just recoreded a Video, and my Android powered down while recording because the battery was completly empty.

Now i have a 1,5 GB mp4.tmp file that i cant open with VLC.

I have a Nexus 4 with Android 4.2.2

Is there anyway I can save this file?

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I found this - i had a similar problem with a mp4 file that was corrupt, and not being able to find version 1.5 of grau anymore. i came up with this solution.

[Scenario] video.mp4 (200mb) grau version 1.6 + (only does 50% of video for free version)

[Directions] make 2 of the same video files and name them 1.mp4 and 2.mp4 this means you will copy video.mp4 in the same fold twice so you have two of them!

in DOS (Run: cmd.exe)

locate to the folder where you have the two video files type in the command to merge the files together

copy /b 1.mp4+2.mp4

you will now see that 1.mp4 will be 400mb and not 200mb

now use grau video repair tool and it will do 50% of the file you merge. meaning you will get 100% video freee!



MP4 video repair from Iwo Banas.

Automatically finds broken files in your droid, and using another video file from the same device as a reference, fixes it. Works like a charm.

Dont forget to donate!


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